Massage in Cannes

Massage in Cannes


Body care

The Sweet-Salty Scrub with Marine Notes: A crucial step to free skin from impurities and prepare it to receive a body care. This scrub is personalized according to the different parts of the body and their roughness to provide softness and tone to the skin.

Soap Scrub Black Soap : The invigorating action of this natural scrub will awaken your senses and provide your skin with softness and suppleness. This oriental beauty ritual is essential before receiving a slimming treatment.

The Massage Baume Délicieux : This deep massage releases the body of all tensions and envelops you with flexibility thanks to its melting base with delicious fragrances. It will make you aware of each muscle to bring a total letting go.

The Relaxation Massage of 3 Continents : Based on the virtues of essential oils, this massage combines the best Relaxing maneuvers of Californian massage, Tonic of the Swedish method and Energetics of the Chinese method for total relaxation.

Lomi Massage Lomi Monoi : Lomi Lomi is an extraordinary exotic. Come from Hawaii, it is realized with ample and fluid movements of the forearms which confers a very enveloping sensation and brings a subtle and soft touch. Escape and let yourself be lulled by the sweet scent of Monoi.

Aesthetic expertise

DESSANGE Cannes offers you the aesthetic expertise and care that combines state-of-the-art styling equipment and DESSANGE skincare products with refined active ingredients, captivating fragrances and extraordinary sensory textures for visible and lasting professional results.

The Institut DESSANGE Cannes has unrivaled know-how in which products are used every day in our institutes and spa, combined with the expert techniques of our beauty professionals. Realize your massage services in Cannes in a recognized institute.

Discover the exclusive technique of the DESS'lift device using the benefits of galvanic current. Find a purified skin, luminous, firm and plump through the 3 treatments offered. Ideal before an evening or an important event, it brings a touch of radiance to your skin and a feeling of unstressed features. It smoothes your skin with a visible result immediately!

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